Additional Finishes

Finish : Gloss Black w/ Machined Face – 5, 6, 8 LUG

Available Sizes

17″ x 8.5″
20″ x 9″
20″ x 10″

Wheel Specifications

127-7873BM17" x 8.5"5x12778.1250028Gloss Black w/ Machined FaceCAP1010~80840
127-7885BM17" x 8.5"5x139.7107.95250028Gloss Black w/ Machined FaceCAP1011~80841
127-7836BM17" x 8.5"6x13587.1250028Gloss Black w/ Machined FaceCAP1012~80842
127-7883BM17" x 8.5"6x139.7106.2250028Gloss Black w/ Machined FaceCAP1012~80842
127-2973BM20" x 9"5x1271878.1250038Gloss Black w/ Machined FaceCAP1010~80840
127-2958BM20" x 9"5x139.718107.95250038Gloss Black w/ Machined FaceCAP1011~80841
127-2950BM20" x 9"5x15018110.2250038Gloss Black w/ Machined FaceCAP1011~80841
127-2936BM20" x 9"6x1351887.1250038Gloss Black w/ Machined FaceCAP1012~80842
127-2983BM20" x 9"6x139.718106.2250038Gloss Black w/ Machined FaceCAP1012~80842
127-2981GB20" x 9"8x165.110125.2364038Gloss Black w/ Machined FaceCAP1027~81001
127-2970GB20" x 9"8x17010125.2364038Gloss Black w/ Machined FaceCAP1027~81001
127-2074BM20" x 10"5x127-1887.1250040Gloss Black w/ Machined FaceCAP1010~80840
127-2058BM20" x 10"5x139.7-18107.95250040Gloss Black w/ Machined FaceCAP1011~80841
127-2050BM20" x 10"5x150-18110.2250040Gloss Black w/ Machined FaceCAP1011~80841
127-2036BM20" x 10"6x135-1887.1250040Gloss Black w/ Machined FaceCAP1012~80842
127-2084BM20" x 10"6x139.7-18106.2250040Gloss Black w/ Machined FaceCAP1012~80842
127-2181GB20" x 10"8x165.1-18125.2364040Gloss Black w/ Machined FaceCAP1027~81001
127-2170GB20" x 10"8x170-18125.2364040Gloss Black w/ Machined FaceCAP1027~81001


American Outlaw Wheels has been manufacturing Aftermarket Wheels for over 20 years. We have 12 unique styles ranging in diameters from 16 to 22 inches.